Patient-centered care

Our patient-focused care model puts Cancer Patient at the center of the treatment, so that the patient and their family can focus on healing

Each patient is assigned a team of multidisciplinary cancer experts who work together, all under one roof, to design and deliver a recommended Integrated Holistic care plan tailored to you and your individual needs. Some of the members of your care team, such as the medical oncologist, surgical oncologist

or radiation oncologist, are dedicated to treating the cancer with state-of-the-art tools and technologies. Depending on your needs and preferences, your care team may also include various supportive care clinicians— Ayurvedic doctor, Homeopathic Doctor, Ozone Therapist, pain management doctor, registered dietitian, naturopathic medicine provider or Physiotherapist, for example—to help you manage pain, nausea, fatigue and other cancer-related side effects that may develop during the treatment.

Because all these doctors and clinicians work in one location, they collaborate regularly with you and one another, monitoring your progress and adjusting your care plan when necessary.

How does this approach improve my cancer care?

Our patient-centered model is designed to personalize cancer care for each individual patient. Having a dedicated team provides many benefits, including:

  • Speed of care : With a cancer diagnosis, it is critical to get on an appropriate treatment plan as quickly as possible. Our patient-centered approach is built for efficiency and convenience, with an emphasis on eliminating waste in time and resources, so you get results more quickly.
  • Individualized treatment : When the members of your care team are chosen based on your needs, your cancer type and your treatment goals, you have greater comfort in knowing that your care plan is tailored to you.
  • Better communication among your doctors : Your team communicates in real time about your treatment, and makes adjustments or orders additional testing when needed.
  • Patient empowerment : You and your family are involved throughout the treatment planning and implementation process, allowing you to make informed decisions about your care.
  • Coordinated care : Your care team works together, all under one roof, coordinated by a dedicated care manager who helps to orchestrate your schedule, communication, education and follow-up.