Ozone Therapy : A Powerful Alternative Cancer Treatment

Developed in the 1950’s ozone gas has been used to treat many ailments and its use has been on the rise in all over the world. A normal oxygen molecule has two molecules of oxygen, but ozone has three. This extra oxygen molecule is what makes ozone different and more effective as a possible alternative cancer treatment.

Ozone and Oxygen

Ozone, like its progenitor, oxygen, is a gas. Oxygen (known chemically as O2), likes to travel in pairs. When a third atom of oxygen binds, O2 becomes O3. Because O3 is inherently unstable, it always wants to give away that extra atom. At the same time, any cell that comes into contact with O3 will take this third atom. When this happens, oxygen’s traditional properties become more powerful and more energized.
Ozone’s most amazing property is that it is an extremely powerful oxidant. It will break down any chemical into that chemical’s basic component parts. Vehicle fuel pollution generally consists of water, carbon dioxide,

sulfur, nitrogen, and oxygen, all of which combine together to form what we call smog. When naturally occurring ozone comes into contact with this soup of smog, these chemicals are released in their basic or elemental form – and none of us could survive without them.

Ozone has recently received serious attention in alternative medical and research circles because of the remarkable healing potential of ozone therapy.

Ozone therapy is one of the most versatile forms of therapy available today – because it can be applied both through medical treatments as well as via home applications. It can be administered through the skin, into different body organs including the intestines and lungs, through the ears, in the blood, on teeth and gums, as well as in painful or damaged body parts.

Five Properties of Ozone

  1. Ozone helps the immune system. While there is no perfect treatment, ozone comes close. If the immune system is overactive, such as in patients with autoimmune disease, ozone is able to slow the system down. However, in cancer patients where the immune system is suppressed, ozone can stimulate the immune system.
  2. Ozone allows for increased uptake of oxygen. Ozone works with the hemoglobin in the red blood cells. The extra oxygen in the blood allows the blood to give off more oxygen into the body. This increase in oxygen supply in the body acts as an alternative cancer treatment by supplying oxygen into the oxygen depleted cancerous areas of the body.
  3. Ozone helps with circulation. Ozone improves the blood flow throughout the body allowing the blood to reach every cell, delivering the much needed oxygen.
  4. Ozone improves antioxidant protection. Patients with many chronic diseases have antioxidant deficiencies. Ozone has shown that it can improve this.
  5. zone acts as a mitochondrial stimulant. Ozone can improve the body’s ability to convert carbohydrates into energy. This allows the body to work more effectively.

Otto Warburg’s Nobel Prize winning discovery in 1925 changed forever what we know about Cancer, its causes, and cures. “Cancer has only one prime cause. The prime cause of cancer is the replacement of normal oxygen respiration of body cells by an anaerobic (oxygen-less) cell respiration.” Warburg’s. He understood that when the body’s cells are deprived of 40% of their normal supply of oxygen, pathogenic changes begin to happen inside them.

Ozone has the impressive capacity of being toxic to unhealthy, damaged and dying cells while being non-toxic to healthy cells. Ozone can selectively kill cancer cells amongst all the other sick cells in the body. It is important to understand that repeated exposures to ozone, whatever the mechanism of delivery utilized, is necessary to reverse any disease. In addition, it is useful to expose oneself to various methods of application of ozone. For cancer, it is an important adjunctive therapy to a good nutritional program combined with aggressive detoxification procedures.

Other Advantages of Ozone Therapy

Regular use of ozone has many benefits beyond suppressing cancer activity. Because it enhances circulation, it provides an oxygen-rich environment for cellular rejuvenation. It can clear plaque from arteries, restore acid/alkaline balance, improve nutrient assimilation, and remove toxic deposits from the intestines and colon. All these actions of ozone make it a profoundly powerful tool for life extension and anti-aging. Integrated Cancer treatment not only aims at curing but prolonging useful life and improving quality of life.

At Lokmanya Holistic Cancer Centre; we advice ozone therapy for all types of cancer patients since proper oxygenation is a necessary requirement to defeat cancer. Ozone is typically infused thru saline solution that has been mixed with ozone gas directly into the vein, rectally or Direct injection into the cancerous tumor, depending on the requirement of oxygenation,

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Dr. Kedar Valsangkar
MD Naturopathy, Ozone Therpapist