Innovative and Integrated Approach to Cancer Care

No two types of cancers and No two patients are alike. Each deserves a personalized, comprehensive approach.

At Lokmanya Holistic Cancer Centre, we believe that every cancer patient is as unique as the person fighting it. In advent of new precision medicine, with advances in new treatment evolving on a regular basis, treating cancer requires truly personalized care, delivered by experts trained in the complexities of a difficult disease. With the advancement of cancer treatment more and more patients become cancer survivors.

These patients want to explore techniques or practices that will promote health, prevent diseases and enhance a sense of well being. Further the newly diagnosed cancer patients are undergoing much distress and anxiety. They want to explore all kinds of treatment options available for cancer treatment. They receive counseling on the nature of cancer and cancer treatment, realistic expectations and how to protect themselves from bogus alternative therapies.

Our Oncologist treats cancer, committing their time and talents to treating every stage of the disease with a collaborative approach, state-of-the-art technologies and innovative treatment options. At Lokmanya Holistic Cancer Centre you will be assigned a multidisciplinary care team dedicated to treating the cancer while also using evidence-informed therapies to help you manage side effects, maintain your energy and stay strong throughout treatment.

Your expert team of doctors and other clinicians will take time to understand your unique diagnosis and needs. Then, we'll work together, all under one roof, to develop an integrative treatment plan tailored specifically to you.