RV Caps : A Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine (Prevent Aging- Fight Cancer)

  • RV Cap is an exclusive product conceived & developed by Dr. V.G Vaidya MS.(Gen Surgeon) along with Ayurvedic specialists & produced by, New visions Ltd. Pune
  • RV caps is specially designed poly- powerful herbal formulation.

  • All the ingredients in the formulation are extensively researched & stabilized to have the highest pharmaceutical grade.
  • Herbal ingredients in RV cap acts synergistically to protect the body from free radicals & carcinogens.
  • Anti cancer effect of grape seeds extracts & curcumin are researched & proved to be very effective. The combination of these & other proved antioxidants are under study.

Draksha Seed Extract Vitis Vinifera 150 Mg
Amalaki Extract Phyllanthus emblica 100 Mg
Guduchi Extract Tinospora Cordifolia 65 Mg
Haridra Extract Curcuma Longa 50 Mg
Ashwagandha Extract Withania Somnifera 50 Mg
Pipali Extract Piper Longum 0.3 Mg

RV Caps : Highlights

  • Animal Experiments in renowned BOSE Institute Kolkata.
  • Report from eminent Scientist “ From result presented above it can be concluded that the RV Cap have very good Anti- Cancer Property.”
  • Antioxident effects of combination are greater than GSE alone ( Tulip Lab)
  • Metal contents in the formulation are almost nil ( WNL) ASHCO NIV LAB.
  • FDA Approved product – KD /AYU/003-A /11
  • Patent Approved
  • Approved by Institutional Ethical Committee : LMRC
  • Approved by Clinical Trial Registry – Govt. Of India.
  • Effects of RV CAPS

Effects of RV CAPS

  • Act as a strong antioxidant
  • Strengthens the immunity and helps body to fight against various diseases.
  • Acts as rejuvenator, anti aging & anti carcinogenic agent
  • Protects body from premature aging without harmful side effects
  • Causes Cancer cell death (apoptosis)
  • Prevent Recurrence of cancer after operation.
  • Reduces possibility of metastasis

How it works

  • Extracts of Grapes Seed contain polyphenols & Resveratrol. Harwrd researcher say that the miracle ingredients could be the biggest medical break through since discovery of antibiotics. Resveratol activates cells into behaving more youth like in many ways – say genetic researcher Dr. Christoph Westphar & David Clair. It is claimed to be fountain of youth.
  • It’s the first known molecule to be capable of penetrating the nuclear shield & repair mutated genes in nucleolus.
  • P 53 oncogene is known as tumor suppressing gene which is unregulated. It is actually responsible for stem cell production bone marrow. Resveratrol is found to increase the stem cell in bone marrow by up regulating gene p53.


  • More than 200 Patients are under treatment for many types of cancer with RV Caps and /or Combination of RV Caps with ACF (MG) for > 1 Yrs
  • Patients shown improvement with out any side effect.
  • Patients with Radiation showed : Reduced Side effects
  • Over all Quality of Life Improved.