Accommodating your schedule

Diagnosis of cancer can have a major impact on an already-busy schedule of the patient and their family, requiring multiple visits with your oncologist and the rest of your care team. Balancing your work and home life becomes more important than ever.

Throughout your cancer treatment journey, we do all we can to help you schedule your diagnostic, doctor and other medical appointments on a timeline that works for you. A wide range of weekend services are available at our hospitals, to give you the flexibility to work around your busy routine and get back to your life more quickly.

In order to offer you a variety of seven-day-a-week services, our hospitals are staffed on the weekends by medical oncologists and other clinicians who coordinate with the rest of your weekday care team, to ensure continuity of care, whether you're a new or returning patient.

The advantages of weekend hours

By taking advantage of the comprehensive seven-days-week services offered at our five hospitals, you may experience the following advantages:

  • Less time away from home
  • Less time off from work
  • More flexibility to live your life and accommodate your busy schedule
  • More choices available when scheduling appointments
  • Greater convenience for you and your caregiver
  • Patient Empowered CareĀ® delivered to you every day of the week
    • Hospital hours
      Monday to Saturday : 10:00 Am to 6 :00 Pm