Lokmanya Medical Research Center

Transformational Healthcare through Research and Innovative Solutions

Lokmanya Medical Research Centre is a non-governmental, not for profit organization established in the year 1985; engaged in socio-medical initiatives focusing in the area of Health, Education, environment and sustainable development. LMRC is a multidisciplinary research organization established with an objective of translating research into interventions that will extend quality health and lifespan. Our work is driven by a few guiding principles: Multi-disciplinary intervention approach, linking services with evidence based research, Inter-sectoral collaboration, engaging Participatory methods and scaling up programs.

LMRC is registered under Public Charitable trust (F/2871/Pune-12/07/1985), and registered under Society Act (Maharashtra /1984/85/Pune). LMRC is recognized as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (SIRO) by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Govt. of India, The National Safety Council, Mumbai has recognized Lokmanya Medical Research Centre as a “Centre for Occupational Health & Safety”.

LMRC conducts basic, applied and extra mural research to gain insights about medical and therapeutic science with a commitment to finding new ways to reduce the burden of illness. LMRC contributes to the building of a prosperous and vibrant society by providing quality health services with its evidence based research interventional strategy, modern technology and up to date infrastructural backup.

Many eminent professional from Medical, Industrial Health, Academician, Social Scientists and Law experts are on the Governing Council and Research Advisory Body of the Lokmanya Medical Research Centre. The “Ethics Committee” of the Lokmanya Medical Research Centre, has been Registered with the Drugs Controller General (India), Directorate General of Health services, New Delhi These committees have been constituted meeting all the statutory requirements.

Since early 80s, Lokmanya is in the forefront in the field of Community Health Research , Health education, prevention targeted Intervention programmes , Industrial and environmental studies has always been an important component of LMRC’s outreach services. Lokmanya also offers excellent opportunity for socio- medical research with many ongoing projects approved and supported by the Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Govt. of India and other national and international research bodies.

The Lokmanya Medical Research Centre has undertaken various community outreach programs like Safe Life Initiative on Road Safety, Emergency Medical Service, Material & Child Health (Reproductive Child Health- I & II Programme) National Cancer Control Programme, HIV\AIDS Prevention and intervention programme for industrial workers and Migrants, , Environmental Studies (Environmental Assessment & health profiles of high risk exposed workers) & AYUSH programme.

Prevention of Industrial Accidents, Occupational Diseases & Injuries and consequent sickness absenteeism arising out of employment forms the basis for development CENTRE FOR OCCUPATION HEALTH RESEARCH & ENVIRONMENT was established in 1985 under the guidance of Director General FASLI. Dr.Goral Ljunggren Chief Occupational Health Consultant, Foretaghalsen, Jonkoping, Sweden in collaboration with Swedish International Development Agency gave a new impetus to develop Company Health Service with well equipped Industrial Hygiene Laboratory only of its kind in Pune District. “Corporate Health Services Centre” (CHSC). The CHSC is providing comprehensive occupational health services to the Corporate Sector.

In order to reduce mortality and morbidity due to Road traffic accidents and injuries, through prevention, improved Pre-hospital trauma care, hospital care and rehabilitation and encourage research and development in the field of Emergency Medical Response System, Lokmanya has pioneered in EMS by setting up India’s first Emergency Response System along the Mumbai Pune Expressway, National and State highway in western Maharashtra.

Recently National Safety Council, Mumbai, a nodal agency in India for implementing National APPEL (Awareness and preparedness for emergencies at local level) Centre (NAC) in India as recognized Lokmanya as a NAC Sub-centre in and around Pune area, focusing on Emergency Medical Response and to extend outreach service of APPEL in and around Pune District.

The Lokmanya Holistic Cancer care and Research Centre is dedicated to providing fully integrated, multidisciplinary cancer treatment facility under one roof with state-of-the-art technology including prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, training & research. The Institute has assembled a wide range of experts from various disciplines like Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Homeopathy and other alternative medicine related to cancer, to form an integrated team to treat the disease with holistic approach. We envisage that this approach will provide the highest quality of scientifically evidence based cancer care with compassion, in a modern, serene and respectful environment and at affordable cost.

The educational institutions of Lokmanya Medical Foundation & Research Centre providing value-based medical education where the highest human qualities of empathy, compassion, dedication and sincerity are instilled; which include the Lokmanya Institute of information and Paramedical technology offering Medical educational programmes both at graduate and post graduate levels.

LMRC is also Recognize by the “Central Labour Institute”, Ministry of Labour, Government of India”, to conduct “Associate Fellow in Industrial Health (AFIH)”, a Certificate Course for the appointments of Medical Officers in Factories and Companies.

The organization has all the research and training infrastructure required for training & capacity building through conference, seminar, and workshop as well as experienced Medical staff and research staff which include Medical Experts, Occupational & Environmental safety experts, Sociologist, Economist, Clinical Psychologist, Counselors, Holistic Experts, Yoga therapists, Social workers & Outreach and also to implement projects in whole of Maharashtra & India.