Social Initiative

Reaching the Unreached … Serving the Unnerved.

Over the past decade, enormous advances have been achieved in medical, therapeutic and Bio- scientific area by innovation, leading to many new pathways to support the diagnosis and treatment of disease. However, despite this progress and availability of means and methods to treat and cure disease, many poor vulnerable people in rural and remote are unable to receive the benefits of these proven and existing advances. This is due to the absence of inclusive, efficient and affordable healthcare delivery systems. Sustainability and longevity of existing health programmes and interventions have been challenged and the desired impact has not been achieved.

Sustainable Development Goals, new approaches and methods are essential to engage communities and all sectors in a collaborative identification, creation and implementation process. Transformative change is possible. We have to challenge our existing paradigms, embrace new ways of doing and drive systemic progress through interventions and individuals. Community-based socio-Medical innovation is a unique way and approach to tackling complex healthcare delivery challenges. The outputs are in interventions and process: interventions that make healthcare delivery more inclusive, effective and affordable and a process that fosters internalized change in people.

When researchers unite – communities and policymakers – even more new and sustainable innovations can be created and implemented to serve those who are unreached. The outcomes are sustainable and scalable social innovation that strengthens health systems globally. (Van Niekerk, L; Halpaap, B; SIHI 2015)