Industrial Hygiene Laboratory

Lokmanya Centre for Occupational Health and Environmental studies established Industrial Hygiene Laboratory in the year 1994. Industrial Hygiene Laboratory is having advance equipments for environmental survey and studies.

Toxicological & Epidemiological Research Studies

Lokmanya has undertaken Toxicological studies and epidemiological studies on Chlorine Gas Inhalation, Lead, and Sodium Nitrate for various industries in Pune and PCMC MIDC and Government Defense establishments.Lokmanya Centre for Occupational Health and Environmental studies undertakes various

Environmental Surveys, identification and monitoring Industries hazards, Toxicology and stomach wash analysis. Industrial Hygiene Laboratory services are rendered through specialist’s Expert in Industrial Hygiene and Laboratory facilities.

Research undertaken by the LIH Lab is as follows :

  • Clinical Trial in the treatment of Cancer with Methylglyoxal (MG)
  • DST sponsored “Environmental assessment of Unorganized sectors”
  • The Assessment of working environment exposure in the handling of explosive/non- explosive chemicals in the working environment – In respect of TDI & NG High- explosives Materials Laboratories (Defense-R&D establishment) Pune
  • The Assessment of Working Environment hazard due to Lead exposure” – Multi-National Company in Pune namely Honeywell
  • A Comparative Study of Metals Concentration in Drinking Water of Different Areas. of Pune Municipal Corporation and Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation and its Possible Link to Cause Hypothyroidism”
  • Occupational Hazards of Washer men and Women in the various Dhobi Ghats of Pune and Surrounding areas”
  • Attempt of suicide amongst industrial population in Pimpri Chinchwad area
  • Industrial Hygiene Survey in the Metal Oxide Plant
  • Noise survey of UV radiation Intensity measurement at Tata Johnson, Hinjawadi