Corporate Health Care Services

Corporate Health Care delivers the full range of employee health services, with extensive offerings in wellness, medical screening programs, injury care and comprehensive work site injury prevention initiatives. We are experts in managing every aspect of employee health and wellness so you are free to focus on running your business.

Our services include

  • Pre Employment Services
    LCHS offers a range of pre-employment services that including drug screenings and pre employment health checks. Pre employment screenings ensure that all pre-existing conditions are diagnosed before the employee joins the organization ensuring 100% productivity from day 1.
  • Customized Employee Health Plans
    Customized health plans mean devising a specific health check for your employees that is relevant to the industry and role that they are performing. For example a BPO employee will have a different set of health needs from a manufacturing industry employee. LCHS can design custom packages that will ensure your long term health care costs are lower and your employee is healthier.
  • Preventive Health
    We are proactive in the area of preventive care, working directly with employers and workers’ compensation partners to create safe, injury-free work sites. Our preventive team, including ergonomic and work-flow professionals, works hand in hand with rehabilitation specialists, including physical and hand therapy, to get employees back to full productivity as quickly and safely as possible. In addition to educational seminars and preventive care programs, including vaccinations and travel-related care, we offer scheduled appointments and walk-in urgent medical care for on-the-job injuries.
  • Ailment Specific health packages such as Diabetes, Heart disease, lower back pain etc.
    India is developing into the diabetes and hypertension capital of the world. Indians have a propensity towards certain diseases like diabetes, hypertension and heart disease etc. At LCHS we understand that these ailments require continuous monitoring and regular checkups. This is why we offer Diabetes monitoring package (Diabetic Package) and Cardiac Package (Cardiac Package)
  • Medical Care for Employees
    Open Monday through Saturday, 7:30 am to 6:00 pm, our Hospitals has a full-time medical staff focused on keeping your employees and their families healthy. Our fully integrated health services ensure that visits are streamlined to promote care integration and efficiency. From Medical care, on-site pharmacy fulfillment, physical and occupational therapy services, on-site lab processing, and access to a network of specialists, our spectrum of services remains unmatched by any centre in the region.
  • Onsite Health Camps at your premises
    LCHS has conducted several dental, ophthalmic, bone density camps at several offices in Chennai and Pune. These camps have been well received and have played a big role in improving awareness.
  • Operate a health centre in your premises permanently with doctor/Nurse/Technicians available during working hours
    LCHS also operates on site clinics within large offices, IT Parks, SEZs, manufacturing units etc. These clinics typically have a full time doctor, nurse and other paramedic staff and operate either during the general shift or 24 hours. The clinics will also have basic medical and emergency equipment
  • Ambulance service along with a doctor or nurse for any of the events in your organization.