Corporate Social Responsibility

Most companies now understand the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and recognize it as a tool to strengthen their businesses- while building and renewing human, social and natural wealth and contributing to society at the same time.

The challenge the companies face is how to deliver CSR strategies and create real value. Finding the right partner is absolutely critical to the success of a CSR strategy; and Partnering is key to CSR strategies. The NGO and Companies must be grounded in mutually-beneficial value-creation potential, just like any other strategic initiative; to ensure a partnership co-creates value for both business and society. Smart partnering focuses on key areas of impact between business and society and develops creative solutions that draw on the complementary capabilities of both to address major challenges that affect each partner.

Lokmanya Medical Research Centre “Smart CSR Partner” :

If you are struggling to identify the long-term or tangible benefits of a partnership, or if most of the benefits are one-sided, then you must go back and ask if significant mutual value creation is going to be possible through this opportunity.

Lokmanya has been one of the key partners to many corporate and Multinational Companies for delivering their Corporate Social Responsibility programmes.
Today top corporates have partnered with us for implementation of their mandates under CSR.

Customized Partnership Planning

  • Lokmanya develops committed partnerships that meet the needs of both our partners and the communities we serve.
  • We can tailor a partnership plan that reflects your corporate values, philanthropic commitment, and business strategy.
  • Corporations may support a specific development project, give to our humanitarian and healthcare, or co-create a targeted campaign.

Partnership Opportunities

Corporations can support our life-changing work in a number of ways through one of these areas of focus :

  • Cancer :
    Mobile Cancer Detection Unit , Cancer Screening Camps
  • Reproductive Child Health :
    RCH Project for Remote Rural & Tribal Area , Unorganised Sectors like Brick Klin, Construction Sites
  • Safe Life Initiative on Road Safety and Emergency Medical Services
  • Occupational Health :
    Preventive Health Care for Employees and Stakeholders.
  • Water Sanitation Hygiene & Health Program :
    School Children ( Urban & Rural )
  • Environmental Project :
    Community Awareness Program.