Centre For Occupation Health Research & Enviroment

Background :

In 1974 Lokmanya established ESIS Diagnostic Centre to provide the basic Medical facility of Specialist Consultants & Diagnostics services to 22000 families of Industrial workers and a centre to treat and prevent industrial injuries. On realizing the need for a separate wing to look into Occupational Health & Environmental Safety work,

Occupational Health Centre was established in 1985 under the guidance of Dr. Ramaswamy D.G. FASLI.
Dr.Goral Ljunggren the Chief Occupational Health Consultant to Foretaghalsen, in Jonkoping, Sweden and in collaboration with Swedish International Development Agency gave a new impetus to develop Company Health Service with well equipped Industrial Hygiene Laboratory only of its kind in Pune District.

Aims and Objectives:

To improve quality of working environment and living through multidisciplinary approach and Research.

  1. Develop occupational and environmental medicine and Conduct Occupational, Environmental & Epidemiological research.
  2. Epidemiological and environment monitoring and corollary toxicological studies in hazards occupation for recognition and evaluation of risk factor.
  3. Developing tools for early diagnosis of health impairment.
  4. Design appropriate intervention measures for prevention of workplace hazards.

Prevention Programs : Workers Education In Hand Injuries

The Lokmanya Medical Research Centre has done pioneering work in Prevention of Industrial Hand Injuries by workers Education on shop floor.
More than 155,885 workers have been exposed to education material like posters, pamphlets, booklets, slideshows etc The impact of two way safety education was studied and it is established that this greatly reduced the occurrence of Hand Injuries. Research papers were presented at Bombay, Singapore, Vienna, Manila and Finland in International Conference. 275 screening are conducted and 68 factories are covered under this programme.
Booklet on prevention of hand injuries was published by Lokmanya Medical Foundation and is translated by National Safety Council in different languages.
Dr.V.G.Vaidya, Managing Trustee was awarded with Prop. Mehandale award for Industrial safety by National Safety Council.


Prevention is always better than cure. We offer following preventive services for industrial Executives and Workers:

Audio Visual packages Prevention of Industrial Hand & Eye Injuries (CD Form)

Based on our research we have produced audio visuals on “Prevention of Hand Injury & Prevention of Blindness and Eye Injury” This was screened to 50,000 workers from various well known industries throughout India. Exposed workers shown 50% reduction in the incidence of Hand & Eye Injuries was reported over the period of next six months.
National Safety Council has published a pocket booklet on “Prevention of Industrial Hand-Injuries’ based on our research.

  • Posters Exhibition Effective exhibition of posters on Industrial Hand Injuries, Road Safety, AIDS Awareness and Cancer Control can be arranged on your request.
  • Lectures Our experts are available to deliver lectures on
    1. Occupational Health
    2. Emergency Medical Services
    3. Stress Management
    4. Zero Backache through Yoga
    5. Ergonomics’
    6. Hypertension and Life style management
    7. Coping with Diabetics
    8. Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
    9. HIV/ AIDS Awareness
    10. Cancer Prevention, Ill-effects of alcohol, tobacco and narcotics on health.
    11. Nutrition
    12. General Hygiene, Family Welfare & Road Safety Awareness etc. are some of the topics covered by such lectures.

Other Training Programs Completed :

  • First Aid Training : 1000
  • Training on Hand Injury : 108
  • Training on Eye Injury : 108
  • Training on Positive Health : 230
  • Training on Ergonomics :200
  • Training on AIDS Awareness : 250

Papers published and presented

  • ‘Retrospective Analysis Into Actiology Of Industrial Hand Injuries’, Presented X Asian Conference on Occupational Health held at Singapore May 1981 to November 1981
  • ‘Impact Of Two Way Safety Education On Incidence Of Industrial Hand Injuries’, Presented at XI Asian Conference on Occupational Health at Manila Phillipines 1985
  • Study of Acute Chlorine gas inhalation by Dr. VG Vaidya ,Dr S.M K Hussainy & Dr U.G Naik ( 1997)
  • ‘AIDS Awareness Programme in Industry’, Indian Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Vol. 8, No. 1, January – April 2004
  • AIDS is your Business A booklet (2005) Authors - Dr. V. G. Vaidya, M. S
  • Sudden unexpected death in an undiagnosed sickle disease Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine Vol. 9, Issue 2, June 2005
  • A Correlative Study on Personality Life Style Stress Among Heavy Vehicle Drivers : IAOH 2005