Integratred Health For Elderly People

People over the age of 65 make up one of the fastest growing segments of the population of many industrialized nations. The great variation in health, daily function, cognition, social roles, and living conditions among these older adults requires that allied health, medical, social service, social science, health education, health management, and movement science professionals develop the competence to address the unique needs of this age group.

The overall objectives of Geriatric Wellness Programme are to undertake all activities pertaining to geriatric health care managing system by conducting various activities like, identify needs analysis, Promotion of positive elderly health, reviewing financial legal and safety issues, offering specialist care and counseling.

To achieve the objectives of Geriwellprogrammes have two pivotal components-socio-medical geriatric education and Health services.
GeriwellProgramme conducts multiple Community Outreach Programs as its commitment and obligation towards the society. The aim of these programs is to redress the imbalance by providing quality advanced healthcare to the elderly deprived and the underprivileged at their doorsteps at affordable rates.

“Ashwast Adhar Scheme

The Geriatric Health and Wellness Program is designed to provide a scope of undergraduate and graduate studies that engages the student in the current evidence of normal and abnormal aging, community, health care delivery systems, ethics and other pertinent topics. An understanding of wellness and health promotion for older adults, functional decline risks, provision of care to elders with disability, the changing societal roles of the elder individual, and the factual aspects of the aging process will prepare professionals as providers and advocates for this population.
Our “AshwastAdhar” program also provides opportunities for clinical service and guidance, through our AshwastAdhar Scheme. The focus of the Scheme is to create awareness of aging issues in the surrounding community, while also serving older adults in the rural area. The Geriatric Foundation organizes Awareness programs on Elderly Issues to educate the community about aging and ageing with happiness, in addition to sponsoring activities at local long term care facilities and volunteer opportunities to assist community dwelling older adults

Under the aegis of Geriatric Wellness Centre, Lokmanya organized various programme on Elderly issues like

  • Aging and Ageing with happiness thru Laughter Yoga.
  • “ UttarvayatilSandiwataaniHadancheAajar “
  • Muscular Secletal Disorders and Aarthrities in Elderly People.
  • Arthritis and Joint Pain in Sr. Citizens,
  • Healthy Heart and Aging healthy , Beating Diabetes for Elderly People.

Elderly Health Check-Up Camp

With the ever increasing cost of medical treatment and poor awareness among most of the populace on health related issues, quality medical care is not only beyond the reach of the poor and marginalized but also a cause for exacerbating minor ailments into major ones. Therefore the Community Outreach Program was initiated under the aegis of GeriwellProgramme focuses on providing affordable healthcare facilities like clinical examination, diagnostics, treatment and surgeries to the deprived elderly people both through regional and rural medical camps and at the hospital's main facility and mobile outreach programme. Regular General and Specialized Health Camps like Freedom from Joint Pain, Free Spine-check-up camps, Cardiac camps etc for the benefit of elderly community.

Mobile Outreach Programme For Elderly Health Care

The Mobile Outreach Programme has been started with a vision of reaching out to the health needs of those in the remote and inaccessible parts of the country and deliver quality healthcare services to the less privileged sections of the society at their doorstep. The Mobile van has a dedicated team of Doctors, health educator and paramedical staff. 4260 elderly people are being benefited from 50 Outreach programmes, apart from providing basic medical check-up it also provides with basic medicines to the patients.

Mobile Outreach Programme

SOCIO- Medical Awareness On Elderly Care.

In order to strengthen propagation of Medico Social awareness on Geriatric and Elderly Care, Geriwell Foundation also undertakes extensive awareness programs aimed to provide the community with knowledge on health issues, Various Govt. Schemes for Sr. Citizens, Legal Counselling. This program lays emphasis on sharing information with the common man in the local areas about the latest developments in the field of healthcare and providing expertise to the local population on Geriatric and Elderly Care.

The LMF lays a special emphasis on the promotion of Geriatric health. The programme lays a greater stress on improving geriatric care in at all levels, hospitals, homes and community so as to reduce the elderly morbidity and mortality

Entertainment Activities For SR. Citizens

Community Councelling Sessions

Community Councelling Centers are also being established in the community. Besides general health checkups it acts as information dissemination centre for various Socio- Psychological issues are discussed and also focuses on issues which are in highly prevalence in the community.

Awareness On Elderly Care.

Lokmanya Hospitals in collaboration with education department of PCMC organized an awareness programme on Elderly Care and role of Young generation in order to develop respect for elderly and understanding the needs of elderly people. Dr. ShrikrishnaJoshi , Head Geriwellprogramme made the presentation and answered the questions raised by the students on elderly care. This programme was attended by 500 grand parents and students from various schools in PCMC.

Joint Care Express

Lokmanya Hospitals in collaboration with Rotary Club, Pimpri launched “Joint Care Express” Mobile awareness van manned with orthopedic doctors. This van has been equipped with all the audio Visual facilities. Joint Care Express was stationed at various strategic locations that created awareness throughout Pune and PCMC area. Joint Care Express created awareness on prevention of Joint Pain and healthy Living. The awareness programme was followed by Health Check-up Camp.

Total no Locations Covered: 40
Total No of visitors attended: 2000
Total no of Patients Examined: 1200