National Cancer Control Programme 1992 – 96, 2003 – 04

funded by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India

With the ever increasing cost of medical treatment and poor awareness among most of the populace on Cancer related issues, quality medical care is not only beyond the reach of the poor and marginalized but also a cause for exacerbating minor ailments into major ones. Therefore the Foundation organizes Free Early Cancer Detection camps and Cancer Education in the communities for the benefit for the community.
Mobile Outreach Programme has been started under this programme with a vision of reaching out to the health needs of those in the remote and inaccessible parts of the Pune District and deliver quality healthcare services to the less privileged sections of the society at their doorstep. The Mobile van has a dedicated team of Doctors, health educator and paramedical staff.
Many people were benefited from free cancer detection camps this programme, apart from providing basic medical check-up it also provides with basic medicines to the patients and lessons on self breast examination methods.
These camps were organised in the entire Pune District in collaboration with Zilla Parishad and Local community based Organisations. Referral System has been established from camp to the base hospital

No. of Free Cancer camps held 151
No. of Free Cancer camps heldNo. of Patients examinedtd> 9533
No. of suspected cases of cancer 63
No. of investigations done for cancer detection 657
No. of cancer patients registered for treatment 7904
No. of cancer patients treated free 91
No. of health education drive organised in the 132
Community with help of video exhibitions and

Organization of Training Programme for PCMC Para – medical Staff

35 Nurses and Para-medical staff were trained to take Pap smear and assessment also was done by LMF

Anti – Tobacco Campaign for young minds

In this activity 88 schools of PCMC area was covered. More than 16,000 students were given lectures on Anti-Tobacco/ Gutkha and oral hygiene. Essay and Poster competitions were conducted as a part of the campaign 666 students participated in the competition. Booklets, pamphlets, IEC materials were prepared for the campaign.

Cancer Registry

Cancer Registry was established, with the help of Yeshwantrao Chavan Memorial Hospital, Public Health Department of PCMC and other Private hospitals, in order to keep surveillance and register the cancer patients for treatment and future reference.

This activity is found to be very useful to the Community on following counts

  • It educates those regarding signs & symptoms of the disease & increases their awareness regarding early detection of cancer.
  • It educated the on the ill-effects of addictions like tobacco chewing & smoking & ill conceived diets.
  • It motivates them to come forward to attend the camps & reap the benefits of early detection.

Anti Cancer Drug - Methyl Glyoxal Clinical trials

Indian scientist Dr. Manju Ray and team from IACS Kolkata have developed a non- toxic method of chemotherapy. Methyl Glyoxal (MG) is a simple organic chemical found in small quantities in body. It was seen that in cancer patients, levels of MG become very low.

A recent, clinical trial shows that MG disrupts the excessive biosynthesis of ATP responsible for the overgrowth (mitochondrial adenosine-tri-phosphate) in cancer cells only thus leading to selective destruction of cancer cells. According to laboratory experiments done by Dr. Ray, MG does not affect the normal cells. Dr. Ray, has developed a method to administer MG with some other micronutrients orally and by injections. This method was tested on animal models and later on actual cancer patients in Clinical trials with the permission from Drug Controller General of India. In these pilot clinical trials, MG based chemotherapy was found to be safer, non-toxic and effective in destroying many types of Cancer tumors. LMRC has started a Phase II clinical trial, after this clinical trial it will be possible to state the efficacy of MG in the treatment of cancer