Establishment Of Yoga & Naturopathy Centre Setup In The Allopathic Setup

Yoga and Naturopathy Centre was established under the AYUSH Scheme for Establishment of Yoga & Naturopathy Centre in our Allopathic Hospital. The Yoga & Naturopathy set up along with the Allopathic set up is of great importance as both both Allopathic along with Naturopathic medicine system work together for a

speedy recovery of the patient. Allopathic medicine system improves a physical well being of a patient where as Naturopathy adds Psychological & spiritual well being into it to facilitate overall health of a patient.

The Centre contains facilities for Naturopathic treatment

  • Reception for management of patient.
  • Consultation room
  • Kitchen for Diet therapy
  • Massage room/ Enema room
  • Change room
  • Hydrotherapy section
  • Mud therapy section
  • Meditation
  • Yoga Hall
  • Store for oils & Natural Products
  • Library
  • Reiki
  • Sun Bath

Establishment Of Panchkarma Ksharsutra Centre Setup In The Allopathic Setup

Project Period : 2007- ongoing)

Panchakarma & Ksharsutra centre was established under the AYUSH Scheme for Panchakarma & Ksharsutra centre in the allopathic set up to promote traditional medicine. The patients at Panchakarma & Ksharsutra center benefits from the ageless ayurvedic wisdom and experience of helping people relieve stress and

rediscover happiness in their life. We offer wide range of wellness regimes as prescribed by ayurvedic practises. Rigorous detoxification, therapeutic massages, personalized diet and exercise programmes contribute towards building a lifestyle changing experience. We believe in the ability of the self to rejuvenate - we thus provide the right combination of therapy, diet, exercise and meditation to help coax out your inherent need to heal, cleanse, relax and feel alive in conscious harmony with yourself.
To restore the natural health and the beauty of the human body and mind, Panchakarma treatment employs the coordinated use of five different detoxification processes.

The Centre contains facilities for Naturopathic treatment

  1. Vamana (Medicated emesis)
  2. Virechan (Medicated purgation)
  3. Basthi (Medicated enema)
  4. Nasyam (Medication through the route of nose)
  5. Raktha Moksha (Blood letting)

The centre is providing Ayurveda Panchakarma and Ksharsutra Treatment to Cancer Patients.