Message from Managing Trustee

Welcome to Lokmanya Medical Research Centre.

Lokmanya Medical Research Centre has witnessed a phenomenal growth over the past three decades and has been amply rewarded by the enormous faith reposed in us and the confidence shown by the various sponsoring agencies like Government and international agencies. With successfully completing 30 years we at LMRC have collective ambition, to use our resources to optimally serve the health needs of the suffering human beings.

Our commitment to Health Care sustainability continues to underpin all our efforts and while I’m proud of the progress we have made in our Cancer Research, Socio-Medical Initiative, Corporate Health Services, Health Education and economic performance. The expectations; we the board of Trustee and our Team have for continuous improvement mean we still have plenty of work to do and progress.

The Trustees and Staff continued the Trust’s commitment to work closely and creatively with the Sponsoring agencies and community at large. The intent was to bring to full fruition to my dream of LMRC as a name people can trust on and where integrated health care for the suffering people should be the supreme motive.

The Lokmanya Medical Research Centre has undertaken various initiative like Lokmanya Holistic Cancer Care & Research Centre, Corporate Health Care Services, Health Care Education and community health projects like Cancer prevention & Early detection ,Safe life Imitative on Road Safety, Reproductive Child Health , HIV\AIDS intervention programme for Migrants, , Environment Assessment & integrating AYUSH in Health care.

We feel great pleasure in expressing our deep sense of gratitude to the entire Donor, Sponsors and various government agencies for providing the financial assistance for various charitable activities undertaken by the organisation. We will maintain a relationship with mutual respect for the expertise, judgment and authority of each organization or individual that will enable us to anticipate and address the health needs of the communities we serve and a mutual desire for LOKMANYA to become a premier community health care institute that contributes to a measurable improvement of the health of the region.

We look forward to specific to enrich and modernize our different establishments and to make it technologically friendlier, to cultivate a research culture among doctors and students. We have new ideas and plans to upgrade our cancer hospital, research & Education infrastructure and we encourage cooperative, innovative and creative mechanisms to provide improved care for the most vulnerable individuals in our society.

We hope to stride ahead with this vision and mission by expanding and upgrading the health care Services and keep undertaking meaningful community health research with your generous assistance and whole hearted support.

We have just started our journey. Let us become worthy to step into the glorious future.

DR. V.G. Vaidya
Mangaging Trustee,
Lokmanya Medical Research Centre,
Chinchwad,Pune - 411033, India.