Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to make health for all a reality by promoting, preventing and providing health care, by conducting basic, applied and extra mural research in health care; by advocating for the rights of all people at all stages of their lives, and by creating an environment conductive to wholesome living.

Our Goal

  • Promotion of positive health, prevention of diseases, early diagnosis-treatment and follow up of disease and provision of healthful environment.
  • Promote health in its holistic sense including its economic, social and spiritual dimensions.
  • Identifying present and futures trends in health, new and emerging disease patterns and seeking joint actions with likeminded organizations to meet those needs
  • Provide and create a platform to share information and experiences and enhance cooperation in health education and research
  • Foster partnership between NGOs, Government agencies, International Agencies and other public and private organizations for undertaking action-oriented studies.

Our Values

  • Excellence : We are committed to superior service and quality care.
  • Innovation : We continually look for opportunities to improve our organization
  • Teamwork : We drive success by our commitment to effectively working together.
  • Kindness : We honor and respect others with our words and actions.
  • Ownership : We take personal responsibility for all aspects of organizational success.

Our Objectives

  • To undertake Scientific Research in the area of Bio-Medical Sciences.
  • To establish, operate, promote, maintain and conduct or assist research laboratories and institutions engaged in advancement of scientific research pertaining to Occupational Health, Industrial Safety, Environmental Health and Research in indigenous Medicinal Plants.
  • To provide research facilities for carrying out basic and applied research, to conduct experiments and to undertake and carry on research in concerned systems and disciplines
  • To conduct experiments and to undertake and carry on research ,experiments and tests related to concerned research discipline .
  • To promote, develop and improve scientific exchange of knowledge as well as technical co-operation between research institution with similar interests and objectives.
  • To give advice on, publish and/or otherwise promote utilization of research results in the fields.
  • To make available to other techniques and materials developed as a result of research
  • To conduct conferences, refreshers courses, lectures, seminars, demonstrations and exhibitions relating to the research done, knowledge generated and results obtained.
  • To print, publish, exhibit, subscribe and support periodicals, books, pamphlets or posters that may be considered desirable for the promotion of the objectives of the society.
  • To acquire, build, hire, maintain, and research laboratory and related facilities and to equip them with amenities considered necessary for the proper discharge of the functions of the society.